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Working from home

Given the current pandemic more and more of us are working from home, I hope to help make the experience better by offering tips to surviving the change in situation both from a stress perspective and posture among other topics.There are simple things that can be done to aid the process1. Have a designated space to work, this helps you get into the zone.2. Try to stay focused, working from home brings lots of distractions, try to minimize them3. Take breaks, in the normal work environment we wou...

March 20, 2020

Corporate Massage Benefits

Living and working in London should be great but we all know that demanding jobs don't really let us enjoy the city views and lifestyle. After long hours at work trying to figure out numbers/sales etc. we all need a quick break to boost our productivity, creativity and get ourselfes stress-free. Read some of the benefits of having an on-site massage every now and then and how it could help your business and your staff.Benefits to the Company Rejuvenation of tired muscles, stress relief and relie...

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