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About Ezra

Ezra graduated as a Reflexologist in 2015, though he has been interested in so-called alternative therapies and natural healing since before he studied and practiced Reiki in 2001. Before that, he worked for many years as an illustrative designer and artist, having many high-profile clients.

Although achieving a degree of success, he always felt that in terms of his talents, there was something missing. It wasn’t until reading an article on the two hemispheres of the brain (the left hemisphere controlling the right side of the body and being for logical thinking and calculations, while the right - being used for intuition, creativity and spirituality, controls the left side of the body) that he realised that perhaps there was another dimension to his creativity and intuition. This curiosity for self-exploration led to him studying and practicing Reiki, whilst nurturing a fledgling interest in Reflexology, which he eventually studied at Morley College, South London, under the Renée Tanner system.

Since then, he has sought to expand his knowledge on the subject whilst treating various clients as well as other healthcare professionals.

Ezra is a member of ‘Complementary Health Professionals’.


Ezra was recommended to me by a friend during a period of extreme stress and fatigue.

Weekly sessions of reflexology treatments were extremely beneficial and helped specifically with both of these, creating a sense of deep relaxation and re-energising my system both physically and mentally. My energy levels were boosted and the benefits continued beyond each session and lasted over time. The treatments reliably improved my low mood, lowered my stress levels and left me feeling both calm and invigorated. My skin also improved as a result.

My daughter also benefited from her treatments  with Ezra during her pregnancy, in that they relieved pain and aided in the elimination of toxins.

Ezra is a very accomplished practitioner who was both thorough and empathetic in his assessment of our individual needs and, administered his treatments with great care, sensitivity and attention. I would highly recommend him without hesitation.

P. McK, Kent